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Cost management

The cost management allows users to keep track expense management and cost calculation.

Expense management

1C:ERP offers an expense management system based on best practices and powerful functionality, intended to reduce expenses due to more efficient use of available reserves. There are three categories of expenses which are implemented:

  • Product costs: These are department expenses associated with production orders and manufactured goods (or performed work).  
  • Financial result expenses: are associated with lines of business, companies, cost centers (departments).
  • Capital asset costs: This category includes expenses that create value of future fixed assets and intangible assets, major construction costs, R&D expenses.  

Key features

  • Collecting complete information on enterprise expenses using operation-based (standard resource consumption rates, characteristics of performed work, etc.) and value based properties of business processes.
  • Identifying important and controlled expenses.
  • Using procedures for expense allocation to product release cost and financial result.
  • Creating value of current and capital assets, R&D expenses, major construction costs.
  • Creating production costs by costing items with defined expense classification.

Cost calculation - determining financial results

Financial result is a measure of enterprise efficiency that represents equity within a reporting period. 1C:ERP offers functionality for generation and analysis of financial result, such as:

  • Calculating financial results for specific lines of business.
  • Calculating general and specific financial results.
  • Recognizing miscellaneous income and expenses

Financial results can be created from: sales of goods and services for each separate order, customer transactions, departments, managers, suppliers, or groups of goods financial accounting. Cost analysis of goods/semi-finished products includes production costs in sales documents.

Production management

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