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Sales management

1C:ERP provides tools for sales tracking and planning, saving time and efforts for sales managers and streamlining their daily routine.

Key features

  • Wholesale management for stock sales and sales to order, temporary product reservation.
  • Automation of retail sales. Integration with store equipment, product list management, printing price tags and barcode labels, using loyalty cards, and more.
  • Mobile application for trade representatives.
  • Flexible pricing. Multiple price types in multiple currencies, unique and template agreements.
  • Consignment sales, dedicated consignment reports, agent services.
  • Delivery planning tools supporting both company’s own and hired car fleet.
  • Streamlined procedure for preparing documents on stock movement between companies.
  • Filling the acceptance note with assignments for works with a specific activity area or under a specific customer order.
  • Analytical and real-time reports.

Customers can create and track self-service orders online. While in self-service mode, customers can:

  • View their orders.
  • View whether a product is currently available at warehouse.
  • Create orders.
  • Monitor current settlements.
  • Change their contact information.
  • Prepare consignment reports.
  • Open claims.
  • Create purchase plans.

Procurement management

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