Customer relationship management (CRM) is a technology for managing the company's long-term relationships with customers and suppliers. 1C:ERP offers a range of powerful tools for attracting and retaining customers.

Key features

  • Storing detailed contacts of counterparties and their employees.
  • Monitoring customer interactions using notifications.
  • Segment customers and products, select business areas for sales analysis.
  • Registering and assessing marketing events.
  • Recording the full customer interaction cycle, from the initial contact to complete fulfilment of mutual obligations, using structured sales business processes.
  • Sales volume and revenue.
  • Customer retention rate.
  • Time spent on customer transaction support.
  • Reasons of lost deals.
  • Customer and product segment data grouped by business area.
  • Storing unique and template agreements, managing flexible discounts with auto calculation option.
  • Monitoring and analyzing customer claims regarding the shipped products.
  • Sending out newsletters and notifications.
  • Performing ABC (XYZ) classification with BCG matrix.
  •  Creating sales funnels, analyzing causes of lost opportunities.
  • Storing information on competitors and their pricing policies.


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